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Taught to ages 4+

This all-new curriculum takes the central concepts taught in our Vertical Leap adult seminars and breaks them down into simple, yet powerful lessons that children ages 4 and up can understand and embrace.



Help your kids birth their God-given dreams, visions, and ideas!

This 15-week curriculum is ideal for Sunday school, Children’s church, mid-week services, VBS, or even an after-school curriculum during the week. It’s perfect for young people ages 4 and up.

Vertical Leap Children is flexible for any church format and so easy to use. This curriculum has the potential to change millions of lives. It all starts with your decision to invest in your kids and their future.

Materials included in your unit are as follows:

  • Leader’s manual complete with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Teacher Training DVD to help you become a dynamic leader
  • Weekly video lessons DVD containing and pledges that make the teaching principles pop and come alive
  • Weekly memory verses on DVD
  • CD-ROM of reproducible artwork, student activity pages and weekly take-challenges so you do not have mountains of paperwork
  • Sturdy vinyl binder to neatly store and protect all your materials

Sound easy? It is! We have tried to develop a flexible curriculum that everyone can use comfortably.

Try it! You have nothing to lose but your kids have everything to gain as they explore and apply the godly principles found in these three units and weekly teachings.
Unit 1: Christian Basics – Who I Was Made to Be

Birthright – I was created with a purpose
Hearing – I must listen more and talk less
Eating – I need to feed my spirit with God’s Word
Voice – I need to recognize God’s voice above others
Bonus review lesson

Unit 2: Feelings – How I Should Think

Emotions – I should not live by feelings
Fear – I need to stay away from this trap
Enthusiasm – I have to act enthusiastic about life
Positive – I need to see things God’s way to be a good leader

Bonus review lesson

Unit 3: Power – What Can I Do?

Words – I need to remember that words are very powerful
Faith – I can act on my beliefs about God
Risk – I must step out of my comfort zone
Light – I will set a good example for others
Bonus review lesson

By the time you and your young people finish Vertical Leap Children, you will begin to see the difference in your kids as they interact with their peers at church, home, school and in the community.

Get your kids on the road to success! Start today and you will be amazed at what God can do through each child’s life.

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Vertical Leap

Written by Al Hollingsworth

There’s more at stake for success than your personal happincss. God’s plan for the world includes you. For the sake of the kingdom, go forth and fulfill your destiny! Vertical Leap will equip you to receive a dream, vision, or idea from God — in detail, take a calculated risk at the right time, identify and remove blockages from the past, solve personal problems that block success, go from talk to doing.

About the Author:

Al Hollingsworth founded and operates a multimillion-dollar contract packaging business, whose clients include General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Procter & Gamble. His success in business has enabled him to develop Christian Business Ministries, B.O.S.S the Movement for inner-city youth, and Albatti Christian Resort in the mountains above Palm Springs. He has appeared on TBN and CBN and conducts seminars regularly for over four decades.

Wake up, It's timE TO DREAM

Written by Al Hollingsworth

This latest book of Al Hollingsworth, “Wake UP! It’s Time to Dream”, is a key to releasing God’s Principles and His prophetic Word in the earth today to bring much blessing to the Body of Christ as they understand these key principals for turning your dreams into reality. I believe it is a NOW book for the times we are living in. I thank God for such a man as Al Hollingsworth who is such a blessing to the Body and who desires to see the church go to another level and the world to come to know Christ. Rev Dr Margaret Court AO, MBE, Phd LLD (hon) Senior Pastor, Victory Life Centre, Perth Western Australia


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