Listed below are instructions on how to download the app onto your phone (Android AND iPhone) and a link to the desktop/laptop versions


Android devices

Download B.O.S.S. Radio on Android devices by simply clicking on this link: https://goo.gl/WwOiMK

iPhone Devices

Download B.O.S.S. Radio on iPhone devices by simply clicking on this link: https://goo.gl/uCE1O5


Download B.O.S.S. Radio on Desktop or Laptop devices by simply clicking on this link: https://rdo.to/BOSS

HOW TO Download The B.O.S.S. Christian Radio App!!!! 10 Easy Steps!

Please create a new Text Message (The New text button is on the front of your first text page and it typically looks like a pen on a box) Tap that button to open up a new Text Page.

Tap the Name/Phone Number Column at the top and type in the number 951-364-9007

Go to the Bottom, Press the subject Column, and type in “App”

Press the send button.

Here is The Link:

Greetings! Download our FREE B.O.S.S. mobile APP!

(Apple or iPhone) https://goo.gl/uCE1O5


(Android) https://goo.gl/WwOiMK

Press The Link that goes with the Device that you have. Examples: Apple (iPhone) or Android (Samsung Galaxy)

You will be taken to your App Store where the B.O.S.S. Christian Radio App located

Go to the Button that says Download, and Press The Download Button. (Note for new Downloads the button will say Download. For those that have previously downloaded the app you could see a cloud with an arrow pointing down).

Once your download is complete, The B.O.S.S app will be on the front of your phone press open or scroll through the pages of icons on your phone. you are NOW Ready to Listen to B.O.S.S. Christian Radio 24/7 Worship and Teachings. This is Life Saving and Life-Changing Medicine!

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